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A lot of you have been asking about where to take your amps for repair now that AAL is closed. Here is a list of the places I'm aware of in no particular order.


Bakos Amp Works -

Wizard Electronics -

Steven Robers Mays - He stays pretty busy and can't take on a lot of new work but give him a call and he'll let you know. 470-207-8823

John Baily - Atlanta Audio Services - He will re-open his shop in early October at Atlanta Backline - 770-309-4664

Big House Guitars is now doing amp repairs -

Acorn Amps is no longer doing repairs

Logical Audio recently closed


Amp Service and Modifications

We specialize in the repair and tone resurrection of vintage and modern tube-type guitar amps, bass amps as well as Echoplex and Roland Space Echo. We no longer repair any HiFi gear or any solid state gear other than Echoplex and Space Echo.

 W are an authorized warranty center for Mesa Boogie.

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